This Gorgonian was photogrammetrized at a depth of approximately 42 meters, on a rocky bottom of Cala Sant Vicenç, a beautiful cove on the north coast of Mallorca; achieving this final design after several dives.

The red Gorgonia is a colony of polyps that acquires a tree-like shape, giving us the feeling of being in front of a bush, although, certainly, we could consider it as the equivalent of a tree in the terrestrial ecosystem.
It is a characteristic species of the Mediterranean and a refuge for other species.

Its branches spread in the shape of a fan and can reach a meter in height in at least 20 years and with favorable conditions. They are very fragile and slow-growing, taking dozens of years to regenerate.

They lose their beautiful color when removed from the water; however, they are sometimes captured to be used as a decorative element, although this has nothing to do with their beauty when alive and in their rightful place.

Gorgonia has been degraded in recent years in different geographical areas. Pierden su hermoso color cuando se sacan del agua; sin embargo, a veces se capturan para utilizarlas como elemento decorativo, aunque esto no tiene nada que ver con su belleza cuando están vivas y en su sitio.

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