This turtle was sighted and recorded one mile off the coast of Cabrera. The Caretta Caretta turtle, commonly known as the loggerhead turtle or Cayume, has a very extensive distribution area, inhabiting the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the latter being a nursery for young turtles; and Greece being the main nesting area in this Sea.

The populations of these turtles have genetic differences and unique characteristics. With an average weight of 80 to 100 kilos and a length of 70 to 95 centimeters. The color of their shell can vary from yellow and orange to brown or red.

They are an ecosystem in themselves, harboring life in their shells as well as serving as shelter for different species underneath.

These sea turtles are on the verge of extinction. It is a species that is threatened and protected by law. Although hunting has decreased, they face a series of dangers that make it urgent to raise awareness for their protection.

Among its main threats are the ingestion of plastics, balloons, bags and floating debris, as well as driftnets and accidental capture by longline or trawl fisheries. They navigate for miles entangled in traps that cause serious injuries or even drowning.

Humans are destroying their habitat, yet more and more conservation activities and research projects are taking place.

With our jewelry, what we seek is to contribute that small grain of sand that is so lacking today, thus contributing to the conservation of this species.